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Friday, September 14, 2012

Scruffychops Shampoo and Conditioner

I got these samples from a lovely PR girl on twitter who saw I had lots of dogs and asked if I would like to try them! I love them so much that I decided I had to do a post on them.

Sorry if you don’t have dogs, or if you find this boring.. but having four dogs this stuff is amazing!!


Now if you’ve got dogs, you’ll know it is a nightmare to try and get a nice smelling dog shampoo. We’ve tried tonnes of them. The “Rhubarking Mad” shampoo smells exactly like rhubarb and custard sweeties, almost to the fact that it is edible! (It says on the back that it is not suitable to drink ha!) The shampoo has sea mud and shea butter and has a coconutty, shea butter smell. It is lovely!

Since our dogs are really long haired it was lovely to have a shampoo and conditioner and it really made their coats super soft! It lathered up lovely and the smell really sticks around after its rinsed out. It was really gentle on their skin (one of our dogs has sensitive skin) and is completely 100% natural and vegan which I think is great!

This shows some of the lovely things that Scruffychops contains for your four legged friends! I love the fact that they are all natural, vegan, contain great things for your furry baby’s coat and are good for the environment too! They also make their coat smell amazing! (No more wet dog smell!)

You can buy this shampoo and conditioner here and it comes in different scents. (or flavours as I’d call them!) I will definitely be trying out different ones when I’m out of these ones.

Below are some doggy photos of the bathing process and the results! :)

Tyler pre-bath wondering what’s going on!!

Puppies after bath…





And now the pretty results after they’ve been blow dried!!!







Sorry for the picture heavy post!!

If you have a furry four legged friend(s) then I would definitely recommend Scruffychops!!



Unknown said...

Aww your puppy dogs are too cute! I loveeee Cavaliers!


Unknown said...

great recommendation! my sister just got a pup and i have already recommended it to her. thanks!


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