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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bedside Books: Black Heart Blue by Louisa Reid

I'm a bookworm. I love reading, and I read all sorts of things (including shampoo bottles in the shower) so it's only natural that I'd do some book reviews and let you know of books that I've liked/loved/hated!

I read Black Heart Blue by Louisa Reid around a month ago. To be quite honest, I did judge a book by its cover on this one. I adored the cover art, I thought it was really pretty yet had a tragic element to it, and I loved the use of colour. So, basically that's what made me pick it up and read the blurb, which reads;

"They tried to make me go to my sister's funeral today. In the end I had to give in... I'd been walking in her shadow for sixteen years and I liked its cool darkness. It was a good place to hide.

Rebecca's twin sister Hephzibah was beautiful and daring. She was the one who always wanted more. The one who wouldn't listen. Now she's gone. Rebecca is alone.

While there were two of them, they stayed silent about their home life. But Rebecca, who knows the truth about how her twin died, suddenly finds herself keeping too many secrets. Hephzibah dreamt of escape, but failed. Could Rebecca be the one to find freedom?"

The blurb instantaneously had me interested. I had read another book called "Her Fearful Symmetry" (Review to come) and this blurb reminded me a lot of the story of that book.

I cannot begin to write how tragic this book is, it is however beautifully and meticulously written to the highest standard. The author has a way of really describing each situation in vivid detail which adds immensely to the characterisation of both twins. The book is written from the point of view of both twins for the first half, each chapter alternating between Rebecca and Hephzibah.

This book discusses some themes which some may find difficult to read, exploring both mental and physical abuse alongside disability and religious extremism. It also provides a detailed look into how uplifting the qualities of hope, courage and self-belief are. Whilst reading it, I felt every emotion alongside both twins and their struggles. This was one of 'those' books that left a lasting impression on me - so much so that I read it in one sitting. Louisa Reid is a fantastic author and I would definitely recommend reading this book.

In three words I would describe it as: powerful, disturbing and thought-provoking.


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