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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Five Loves: Lipsticks

I am a huuuuuuge lipstick lover. Not a fan of many glosses (there are a few, though!) but lipsticks are definitely my thing! Here's a look at my current top five;




From left to right; MAC AC1 - Chatterbox, Revlon Lip Butter 015 - Tutti Frutti, L'Oreal Carrese 06 - Aphrodite Scarlet, Revlon Lip Butter 025 - Peach Parfait and MAC A22 - Please Me

Unless it isn't quite obvious I love peaches, pinks and orange/coral colours!

MAC Chatterbox is a lovely deep pink colour, I feel like this colour really warms up my face when I have it on! Its really good for everyday but also feels dressed up when you pair it with a more dramatic eye. Its a great all round summer colour.

Tutti Frutti Revlon lip butter is a great way to try out the orange toned colours without it being over dramatic. Its sheer enough that it doesn't look 'too' orange on the lips, however the colour is buildable which I think is great. I have a few of the lip butters and they are really moisturising (although not as much as some lip balms such as Carmex or Blistex) and are a great alternative to a plain lip balm. I also really like to mix this colour with some of the pink lip butters for a lovely peach effect!

The L'Oreal Caresse lipsticks were something I tried initially whilst eagerly awaiting the Revlon lip butters to arrive in the UK. I like them equally as much and own a few of the different colours. Aphrodite Scarlet has to be my favourite though, its amazing! On the lips it is the most beautiful pink colour, subtle, demure but so (so, so, so) pretty! I prefer the texture of these lipsticks to the lip butters as they are slightly softer and less chunky (I feel that sometimes the lip butters come off in clumps) but are just as moisturising.

Peach Parfait is another of the lip butters and is great for everyday wear. I feel it's my lip colour but better! It definitely enhances the look of my lip colour whilst adding a bit of sparkle. The only thing I'm not mad about is the texture, as I feel the glitter can be quite gritty on the lips.

Finally, MAC Please Me. This is a great matte lipstick for everyday wear. A subtle peach/pink that is ideal to pop on with any day time look. It is simply a lovely colour!

I love to hear recommendations so any you have would be apprecited!

Samantha xo


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