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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

MAC Heavenly Creatures

It was my birthday last week! And I was lucky enough that my little sister bought me two beautiful (lovely, gorgeous, yummy) pieces from the MAC Heavenly Creatures collection that I had been eyeing!

MAC - Centre of the Universe (Mineralise Skin Finish)

MAC - Supernova (Mineralise Blush)

(Left - Centre of the Universe, Right - Supernova)

Both of these products are really pigmented (especially Supernova!), so much so that you have to apply them both with a really light hand! I think that the combination of bright pink and gold in Supernova makes it a nice transition colour into autumn, as it has a sort of mauve undertone which is perfect for the colder months. Although here, Centre of the Universe looks like a bronzer, I have actually been using it as a highlight/blush. The swirls of colour make it really versatile and allows you to 'create your own' shade in a way, by mixing or using more of one colour than of another!

Here is a picture of me wearing Centre of the Universe as a blush and highlight!

Have you tried any of the Heavenly Creatures collection? What did you think?

Samantha xo


Rhi and Rach said...

I really want Supernova blush as it just looks so pretty (I'm such a sucker for buying products just because they are pretty), it looks really nice on you too. May have to snap this up before it's sold out everywhere.

- Rhi xx

Unknown said...

Thats exactly why I wanted it too. I saw it and I was like 'I NEED THIS!' Haha. Thanks love! xo

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