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Friday, August 31, 2012

Currently Coveting #3




1. Anything Inglot!//Varies//Inglot Cosmetics 2. Brushed Cotton Flannel PJS//£39 or 2 for £65//Charlotte and Co. 3. Even Better Foundation//£23//Clinique 4. Trenchcoat//£29.99//H&M 5. Blush//£4.29//Sleek MakeUP 6. Victoria’s Secret V Neck Tee//$17.50 or 2 for $28//Victoria’s Secret


I have been lusting after Inglot cosmetics allllll of this week. (It is quite sad and pathetic) I really want to try out their blushes, and the freedom system appeals to me so much, as does the fact that they are cruelty free and really inexpensive in comparison to other brands. I wish I had gone to the store when I was in NYC now – boo!! Let me know what you think of Inglot if you have tried any of their stuff!

How sexy – flannel PJs!! I got a pair from La Senza last year and they have been amaaaaaazing beyond words. I need more, especially since winter is coming upon us quickly. I can’t believe it is September tomorrow! I’m starting my Christmas shopping super soon!

I’ve seen Tanya Burr use this foundation in several of her tutorials and it has made me really want to try it out, it seems to give a lovely flawless finish and covers up redness nicely, yet it still looks really natural and not too cakey on her skin. (maybe because she’s got amazing skin already?!) Let me know if you have tried this and if it works for you!

I really love the checked pattern of this trench, I think it would be lovely for autumn with a nice chunky knit aubergine coloured scarf and some cute ankle boots. It doesn’t look very nice in the above picture I must admit, but if you clicky click here you will see it on a person and it looks much nicer! It is also bargainous. (yay!)

Sleek Blushes are something I can never seem to get my hands on, my Superdrug never, ever has them. It is rubbish, so I’d at least like to try one and see what the hype is all about.

Oh and finally, my most coveted item. I want ALL the VS plain tees. Soft, comfy, best fit ever. Sounds good. I’m obsessed with plain, well fitted t-shirts and these fit the bill. I want them alllllll. Sob.




jennifer said...

I was just talking about Inglot this morning! I am dying to try it out! they really need to open some more stores!

Let me know how you get on with it if you get some :)

lovely blog now following


Unknown said...

Ooh I've been a woman obsessed the past week with it. When I get paid I think I will be buying a few wee cheeky things :)

Thanks lovely I really appreciate it! Had a look at yours and following, it's great!! :) xoxo said...

Thanks for sending me your link. I love that coat! I'm following now! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks!! I love this coat too :) xoxo

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