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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Haircare Favourites

I just wanted to share my current haircare favourites with everyone. I recently picked up some Tresemmé products to try out, and I really like how they make my hair feel! I've been using the shampoo for around 2 months so far and I really like it. It's from the new Tresemmé Naturals range.

The Tresemmé naturals range boasts lower sulphates than their other ranges, and claims to make hair 10x stronger after just one use.  It comes in a moisturising version and a smoothing version, of which I have the latter. The RRP  is £4.05 for 500ml. I got it for £2 in Asda on offer. I really like this shampoo. My hair type is thick, frizzy and wavy but is also prone to get greasy, and this seems to combat most of these problems. I wouldn't say it is excellent in helping my frizz issue but it helps slightly. I also used this in conjunction with the conditioner from the same range, but I really didn't enjoy the conditioner at all. I felt my hair was even more frizzy than normal when using it!

When I ran out of the Naturals conditioner, I went out in search of a new one and decided to try the new Luxurious Moisture conditioner from Tresemmé. I was going to buy Aussie 3 Minute Miracle (which I adore!) but I had been recommended this one to try, so I did. I know the sound of this with greasy-prone hair sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, however it is absolutely amazing! The formula has vitamin E, and promises to restore moisture for soft, shiny and healthy looking hair which is protected from future damage. The inclusion of vitamin E also allows it to moisturise without weighing it down. The RRP is £3.59 for 500ml. It has a slightly runny, but really moisturising consistency and it doesn't make my hair greasy at all. I was amazed at how soft my hair felt after using this without giving it the grease factor!

I went out in search of a heat protector at this point too. I was awful about protecting my hair, hardly ever used heat protector and just used Moroccan oil to make it look a bit better. Then I got all my ends trimmed off and decided to really start looking after my hair. I got the Tresemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray on the off chance it would be good, and I'm in love! I've definitely noticed a reduction in split ends, and I find it makes my hair feel so amazing and smooth after I've blow dried it. Its also a steal at £4.49 for 300ml.

I love hearing recommendations for new haircare products so if you have any your loving, be sure to let me know!



Sarah Bailey said...

Hey :)

Just found you via the Brightside Beauty Blog Hop :) And really pleased to be following you now.

I haven't used Tresemme in years, I might have to pop back and give it a try sometime soon, see what my hair thinks of it these days.

Life in a Break Down

Unknown said...

Hiya! :) Nice to meet you. Have just checked out and subbed to your blog too, its fabulous!

Yeah definitely try it out. It never used to agree with my hair but this little combo I've got going just now works so well!

Speak soon :)
Samantha xoxo

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