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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Heaven in a Handbag #1 - Mulberry Bayswater

I decided to start a mini series about handbags. Most, if not all women adore them. Whether they be expensive or affordable, there’s nothing better than a new bag. (except maybe equally a new pair of shoes!) I am lucky enough to have a few amazing ones which I love, adore, (maybe) worship, etcetera. These happen to be quite expensive brands (no, I am not trying to brag – please don’t think that) and I thought doing reviews of each might be helpful in case anyone was considering purchasing any of them or just a more expensive branded bag in general. I know it is sometimes difficult to go into higher end boutiques and ask for a look at items as it can be intimidating, so I really hope this will give you a better idea if your thinking of investing! I will run through the features of each, what I love, what I don’t like and will honestly tell you if I think they are worth the money.

First up is the classic Mulberry Bayswater.


I have the Bayswater in Black Natural Leather and it retails for £695. What can I say about this bag? I absolutely love it and have used it constantly since I got it almost three years ago now. It is a great bag for
everything; shopping, work, uni, going out casually.. it is brilliant.


This classic black Bayswater only comes with gold hardware, however if you are looking for something similar with silver hardware, seasonally Mulberry do several different styles of Bayswater in different finishes and with silver hardware. I happen to love the gold hardware with the black leather, however I love their coloured leather and patent leather with silver hardware!! The bag has a postman style catch with the Mulberry emblem, has four gold feet on the bottom to protect the leather when you sit it down and has the
cute addition of a little postman lock which you can attach to the catch of the bag.


Close up of the feet to protect the leather on the bottom of the bag.



The little lock and the covering for it, so cute! (Although I have never used it…)


The inside of this bag is really spacious, (for reference a full 2 litre bottle of water fits inside it pretty easily) and is adjustable too. Straps and buckles are on the inside front of the bag, which you can loosen or tighten in order to make the width of the bag greater or smaller. I quite like the structured look of the Bayswater so I have never loosened the straps on mine, and honestly have never needed to as I’ve always found that there is plenty of space!


Inside the bag, there is a large pocketed area, which has a zippered section and two small pockets on the front of it.


The zippered section. Size shown below.


This is the pocket with an iPhone in a cover inside it, just to show you the kind of size that it is. There’s definitely enough room for an iPhone, lipgloss, keys etc. in this pocket!

The front pockets are much smaller, again shown below with an iPhone to give you a rough idea of size. (I would say credit card sized)


Above is the bag stretched out as much as possible without the straps being loosened, as you can see it is huge!


Here’s a picture of me holding it so you can get an idea of what it looks like on my arm and gives you a chance to see the size of it versus the size of me!

So, honestly, do I think it is worth the money? Yes.

The way I see it, is that I will use this bag forever. I’ve had it three years already and it is still in great condition. The way these bags are made is to change and get better with age, which they definitely do. Keeping any bag (not just good ones) in nice condition is about the way you look after them and store them, so that definitely does play a big part. The quality is so amazing in this bag that even as little bits get some wear and tear, give it more character. I’ve seen older Bayswaters and they look so charming, all soft and lovely! The fact that it is classic black means that it goes with lots of things and for many occasions.

It also comes down to cost per wear. Over the past (almost) three years I must have worn this bag about 400-500 times. That takes cost per wear (I averaged at 450) down to about £1.50 per wear. This is the argument I use all the time. (helps to justify it a wee bit) Considering that I plan to use it forever, I truly believe that it is worth the investment.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic, do you think that expensive bags are worth the investment?



Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous, I love it! I love a big handbag but with me being so small it looks a bit weird when I carry around a massive handbag :(

Unknown said...

I have this bag in purple (I think it's called blueberry) and I ADORE it!! So great, spacious and such a classic piece.


Unknown said...

I know I love it too, so useful :) awww that's a shame!! Will be posting a few smaller ones in this series too so keep your eyes peeled :) xxxx

Unknown said...

Oooh I was eyeing a Del Ray in Blueberry! Adore it :) I know they are such great bags! Xxxx

Marie Loves said...

LOVE THIS BAG! So jealous haha :)

Marie x

Unknown said...

It's such a great bag; one of my favourites! So practical :) xo

Unknown said...

Gorgeous bag. This is the timeless classic version of mulberry. Nice pick and great color Xd

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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