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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Glossybox August 2012

Hi everyone. Thought that I’d share my thoughts and first impressions of the August Glossybox, which just arrived at my door this morning!


The theme of this month’s box is International Superstars and promises to bring ‘hero products from around the world’ for its subscribers to try. It is filled with brands that are well known in the UK, but
also have cult status in their own country.


From left to right – DHC Deep cleansing oil, Lipcote lip sealer, Vera Valenti eyeshadow palette, Alessandro Pro White, All for Eve balm, Glossybox Lipstick.

My first impressions of this box is that it seemed rather full and not a perfume sample in sight. (yay!) I will put the total running cost of the box throughout.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (Japan)


Glossybox say; “This revolutionary water-soluble cleanser is better than any other make up remover you’ve ever tried.”

Full size - £18.50 for 200ml//Sample size – 30ml £2.78

I’ve only ever tried the ShuEmura cleansing oil before, and I wasn’t too sure of it. It just feels strange putting oil on my face to clean it (does anyone else feel that way?) This is a pretty decent sized sample though. You have to put the oil on dry hands and then onto a dry face to dissolve make up and impurities. I expected this to have a really nice floral smell but it actually smells quite spicy and slightly medicinal. Will give it a good try and let you know how I get on!

Lipcote (UK)


Glossybox say; “The original lipstick sealer and secret of long lasting, feather fade and water resistant lipstick.”

Full size product – 7ml - £3.99

Again, I have tried the Sally Hansen version of a lipstick sealer and I hated it! The Lipcote one smells horrendous, a horrible alcoholic (and paint stripper?) scent that I don’t really want to put anywhere near my lips! The Sally Hansen on really stings when you put it on too, and I found that it made my lipstick come off like a second skin. (yuck – I know) I quickly tried this one, and it definitely doesn’t sting anywhere near as much as the Sally Hansen one and when you put it on your lips the scent definitely fades after about 30 seconds. I haven’t tried it over lipstick yet but will let you know when I do. I really like the packaging though, I think it’s really cute.

Vera Valenti - L’ombre à Paupière Margarita (Spain)

The green shades from around the edges of the palette, from left to right – bottom left corner, top left corner, bottom right corner, top right corner.
Shades from the middle of the palette, from left to right, starting at the top left hand shade, moving clockwise.

Glossybox say; “An eyeshadow palette offering a selection of ten different colours with an applicator included.”

Full size product - £3.85

Oh where, oh where to start. I was actually most excited when I initially opened my box to see an eyeshadow palette. When I lifted it up I realised it was in pretty cheap packaging but quite liked the colours. That was until I swatched it. The consistency of most of these eyeshadows is completely rubbish. The greens on the outside of the palette are the most pigmented, but you really have to work at getting the colour out of them. They are so powdery, and really remind me of make-up that you would give little kids to play with. The other thing was that after swatching these the shadows basically completely fell off my sister’s hand! (thanks to my sister for hand modelling for me above!) Obviously she didn’t have primer on but they didn’t seem to have any staying power. I really don’t understand why this could be considered a ‘cult’ product anywhere.

Alessandro Pro White (Germany)


Glossybox say; “Optically brightening effect nail polish with anti-yellowing formula for radiant white and gleaming nails”

Full size – 10ml - £7.85 (I’m assuming this is full size)

I’m definitely intrigued by the sound of this nail whitener. My nails aren’t really yellow but they aren’t super white either, so I will definitely give this a go. As far as I can tell from the back of the bottle it is 3-free but don’t quote me on it! I had a look on the Alessandro website but its pretty hard to navigate! I tried this on one of my nails and it dried really fast, and is super shiny. Doesn’t look whiter to me, but I’m assuming you need to use it several times to see an effect.

All for Eve, Eve’s Balm


Glossybox say; “Eve’s balm is an easily absorbed recovery balm to nourish dry chapped skin”

Full size product – 7g - £4.95

This little compact is really cute and the balm really is so soft and moisturising. It reminds me a lot of the Figs & Rouge balm that I got in another Glossybox a while back, although I much prefer the texture of the Eve’s balm. It has a earthy/herby smell which doesn’t bother me at all. I think this will be amazing for the autumn and winter months since I’m so prone to chapped lips. I also love how this Eve’s balm was created in support of the Eve Appeal, which supports Gynaecological cancer research. A lovely product for an amazing cause.

Glossybox Lipstick

Swatched heavily on top and lightly on the bottom.

Glossybox say; “Professional beauty lipstick for soft and glamorous lips with a luminous, long-lasting colour.

Full size product – 4g - £9.50

This lipstick seems like a nice colour and a nice little extra. I would say it is definitely more of an everyday lipstick, as when applied lightly it almost exactly matches my natural lip colour.My shade is in Glossy Pink and I would say it is a neutral pink with a brownish undertone and is completely matte. It isn’t the greatest quality, the packaging is awful and I’m not sure about the long lasting part but a nice extra nonetheless.

Full box is worth - £32.89

All in all, my box is okay. The eyeshadow palette will be going to my Goddaughter (who is 2 and half and already loves to play with make up!) and I’m unsure of the Lipcote and the cleansing oil, however it may turn out that I love them! I'm really happy with the Eve's balm but I could have gone and bought that myself. A lot of this box feels kind of 'cheap' and not in the "yay I'm saving money!" kind of way.

What did you get in your Glossybox? Do you think these products could be considered ‘cult favourites’?

P.s. Saffie gets super excited when my Glossybox comes, so I’ve inserted some photos of her loving it!


Harriet said...

Such a cute dog!! I got the exact same products as you and tbh I'm really disappointed. The only thing I'm that interested in is the lip balm - Lipcote looks cute in the packaging but I don't really like the idea of putting anything on to my lips thats basically designed to dry them out and seal them?! I think I'd rather top up my lipstick to be quite honest! And the eyeshadow palette is just laughable really. Rant over! Enjoyed your review anyhow!! :) X

Unknown said...

Aw thank you love!! :) I know I'm the same in regards to the lipcote, definitely better than the Sally Hansen at first try but I'm prone to dry lips so like you I'd rather just top up my lipstick than have it dry them out. I can understand why you rant, the eyeshadow palette was absolutely shocking! Xoxo

Unknown said...

Hello, just read your post and couldn't agree more. The eyeshadow DOES look and feel Luke something I used to own in those kids makeup set in the 90s. As far as the "British superstar" I don't know anyone who would use this and after trying it I will never be using it; 1. It took off my lipstick 2. It stung my lips 3. Smells like paint stripper. I am however curious about the cleansing oil and nail varnish.

One positive from the box is the eye balm, I like this product and feel when winter weather comes to play this will be a handbag fave.

I'd give this months box a 2/5.

Keep up the good blog, really enjoyed the post and the blog :) x

Unknown said...

That's really disappointing about the eyeshadow palette because the colour's are so cute! x

Unknown said...

Thanks for the lovely comment! Couldn't agree more in regards to the eyeshadow palette and the lipcote. I hope the cleansing oil is good, let me know what you think of it :) I agree with your rating for sure! Xoxo

Unknown said...

I know the formulation and colour pay off is awful :( no idea how it could be considered a cult favourite! Xoxo

Ellie Rose said...

Really honest and helpful review! It seems like some of the boxes are a bit hit and miss from the looks of it. Great

Unknown said...

Thanks love I really appreciate your feedback! :) xo

Melissa Coleman said...

Yeah, the eyeshadow to me just looks cheap or like something I would buy my daughter.

Your pup is too cute. :)


Unknown said...

Yeah, it was awful! Aw thank you :) she's a little munchkin! Xoxo

Unknown said...

Yeah, it was awful! Aw thank you :) she's a little munchkin! Xoxo

ali zombie said...

Such a shame about this one, I would've been happy to see an eyeshadow palette in there but it's so disappointing it was rubbish quality! The lip balm looks promising though, but a herby smell sounds so unusual for a lip product!

Ali xx

Unknown said...

I know, when I saw it I was like YAY eyeshadow but it was shocking, and now has a home with my 2 year old goddaughter :) xoxo

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