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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Meet my dogs!

Hi everyone.

This is going to be a post all about my lovely dogs. I have four (yes, four!) Cavalier King Charles Spaniels! They are such lovely natured little things and in my opinion are the most gorgeous beings on the planet! I'll do a little mini profile of each and add lots of pictures. Please be aware we do call our dogs by some silly nicknames which I will include!

Firstly, Troy!

Name: Troy
Colour: Blenheim
Age: 4, 5 in December
Nicknames: Boo-boo, Grumps
Likes: Daisy, sleeping and his mummy
Dislikes: The puppies and the postman
Temperament: He's a little grumpy, but he is surrounded by spring chickens! He suffered a loss (our Toby, his brother died suddenly last year) and he has never really been the same! He does like to play with the puppies occasionally but he'd rather sleep or be grumpy, or bark at his girlfriend Daisy who lives in the cottage behind us! When he does play, it is so cute, he really gets into it! Adorable. He also hates getting photos taken, unlike all the others who are complete posers! So I only managed to snap a few.

Next, Tyler!

Name: Tyler
Age: 1, 2 in June 2013
Colour: Blenheim
Nicknames: Ty, Luv-luv, Tyler Graham
Likes: Cuddling, doing tricks, posing and the hairdryer
Dislikes: When Treacle pulls his ears!
Temperament: Now, Ty is a complete opposite to Troy. He's such a fun loving boy and loves to play and get into mischief! He loves cuddles, the heat from the hairdryer and being brushed. He's such a pampered boy and has the loveliest coat. He is generally one of the best natured dogs I have ever met, and is always up for a belly rub!

Now, Treacle...

Name: Treacle
Age: Just turned 1!
Colour: Black and Tan
Nicknames: Peekie, Peeks, Sir Peeksalot
Likes: Moaning, pulling Tyler's ears and stealing toys!
Dislikes: Not being cuddled, Troy's girlfriend Daisy!
Temperament: Treacle may be the moaniest but most beautiful dog I have ever met. He is quite aware of how beautiful he is and tries to use it to his advantage by swishing his fur around! He is a complete mummy's boy and loves cuddles! He may also have the most annoying bark ever, ha! He is adorable though and has the cutest (almost human-like) expressions. He loves chasing his sister Saffie around and pulling Tyler's ears!

And finally, little Saffie!

Name: Saffie
Age: Just turned 1!
Colour: Ruby
Nicknames: Safs, Falafel, Saffie-Lou-Who
Likes: Flirting with anything that moves and annoying her brothers.
Dislikes: Not being the centre of attention!
Temperament: Saffie is Treacle's biological sister (they are from the same litter) although she is half his size! She is absolutely tiny (we call her a teapot cavalier, ha!) and she is the loveliest little girlie! She's so precious but she literally will flirt and flutter her eyelashes and tail at anything that will pay her attention. She is super cute and loves a cuddle. She definitely is the little pack leader, the boys will do anything she says!

Told you we had some weird nicknames for our dogs!!! I'll insert some more random pictures now.



 Pretty typical for Ty...


 Peeks and Ty

 Saffie looking completely unamused at Troy

 Typical Cav way of sleeping!

 Cute little Safs

Tyler chillin' on the table as usual

Hopefully this post hasn't been too boring for people!



Unknown said...

Your dogs are so gorgeous! I have nominated you in my Liebster Blog Award post - x

Unknown said...

Aw thank you so much! :) I'm glad others think they are gorgeous too, although I am biased! xo

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